Fitzhugh students, families “gobble gobble” up Thanksgiving luncheon

Kindergarten student Livia Beckley leads her class in line at Thursday’s Fitzhugh Park Elementary School Thanksgiving lunch. Livia was one of hundreds of students and parents who took part in the long-running event, which Fitzhugh Park Principal Donna Simmons said is a key part of “build[ing] the home and school connection.”In one of the most beloved traditions of the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School community, hundreds of students and family members joined school faculty and staff this week for the annual Thanksgiving luncheon.
Staff and parent volunteers served up turkey, potatoes, vegetables and other Thanksgiving fare to eager children, some in Thanksgiving costumes, and their families amidst festive decorations and table centerpieces.
Fitzhugh Park leaders say the event is a great way to help “build the home and school connection.”
“We want parents to be invited in for this important holiday and we’re thankful that their children can come to school here every day and learn,” said Principal Donna Simmons.
“This event allows us to bring families in on a positive note and make sure we let everyone know we wish them a happy Thanksgiving,” Simmons added.
One of the volunteers who helped guide students and parents during the lunch was Lynda Baker, who recently retired after serving as a Fitzhugh Park teacher’s aide for 37 years.
“This is my family!” said Baker, about why she decided to return to Fitzhugh Park for the event. “I’m just so thankful so many parents come to have lunch with their children – it’s such a great thing for the students.”