Fitzhugh Park luncheon welcomes civic leaders

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow and Fire Chief Randy Griffin visited Fitzhugh Park Elementary School recently as the special guests for the school’s “All Hands on Deck” luncheon. Barlow, Griffin and Police Chief Tory DeCaire lunched with students who earned the event by practicing responsible choices throughout the month.Students at Fitzhugh Park Elementary School were visited by three civic VIPs last week at the school’s “All Hands on Deck” awards luncheon, a monthly schoolwide recognition and community event that celebrates students making responsible choices.
Students from all grades had an opportunity to share their holiday plans and requests to Santa Claus with Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow, Police Chief Tory DeCaire and Fire Department Chief Randy Griffin during the lunch event on Dec. 14.
“It’s great to meet the young people in our community, talk to them and get to know them,” said Griffin. “We want to build trust and rapport with children so they know they can turn to us for help any time.”
The “All Hands on Deck” luncheon is coordinated monthly by Fitzhugh First Grade Teacher Tim Barbeau, who said the program was part of the school’s positive reinforcement strategy.
If a class makes good choices in special classes such as art, library, music or physical education, they receive an “All Hands on Deck” certificate as recognition for a job well done, Barbeau said. At the end of the month, he totals the certificates from across the school and the winners are rewarded with a special lunch with important members of the Oswego community.
Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow said he relishes the opportunities to interact with students directly and called DeCaire and Griffin “outstanding leaders and role models.”
“Our fire and police chief are excellent ambassadors to our community who know how to relate to, and inspire, our students,” Barlow said.