Extracurricular Activities

Pupils who remain after school for any activity must report directly to the teacher in charge of the activity at dismissal time.  All school activities must be supervised by a member of the faculty.  Extracurricular activities for Oswego Middle School will be organized during the fall term.
Student Council
The student council is an organization of the whole student population of Oswego Middle School.  It is an effective voice for students that are accepted by students, faculty, and administration.  There are no limits to the contributions that students can make to their education by participating in student council.

A good student council always strives to:
  •          maintain an open minded policy
  •          develop effective communications with students, faculty and administration
  •          earn students, faculty and administrative respect
  •          support social activities, educational programs, and service to others
  •          build a tradition that will be looked back upon as a cornerstone to productive lives.

The Middle School offers numerous clubs to suit a wide variety of student interest.  The clubs a student may wish to join include:
French Club
Downhill Ski Club
National Junior Honor Society
Student Council

Interested students are encouraged to participate in the interscholastic sports program.   Please see the athletics page for more information with dates and season information.