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Series 5000 Non-Instructional/Business Operations

5411 Procurement of Goods and Services
5110 Budget Planning and Development
5120 School District Budget Hearing
5130 Budget Adoption
5140 Administration of the Budget
5150 Contingency Budget
5210 Revenues
5220 District Investments
5230 Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Bequests to the School District
5240 School Tax Assessment and Collection/Property Tax Exemptions
5250 Sale and Disposal of School District Property
5310 Bonding of Employees and School Board Members
5320 Expenditures of School District Funds
5321 Use of the District Credit Card
5322 Cellular Telephones
5323 Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments
5324 Change Orders for Capital Projects
5330 Budget Transfers
5340 Borrowing of Funds
5410 Purchasing
5412 Alternative Formats for Instructional Materials
5510 Accounting of Funds
5511 Reserve Funds
5520 Extraclassroom Activity Funds
5620 Inventories and Accounting of Fixed Assets
5530 Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings
5540 Publication of the District's Annual Financial Statement
5541 Financial Reports and Statements
5550 Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs)
5560 Use of Federal Funds For Political Expenditures
5570 Financial Accountability
5571 Allegations of Fraud
5572 Audit Committee
5573 Internal Audit Function
5610 Insurance
5630 Facilities: Inspection, Operation and Maintenance
5632 School Building Access Control
5633 Pest Management and Pesticide Use
5631 Hazardous Waste and Handling of Toxic Substances by Employees
5634 Closing of Facilities
5640 Smoking/Tobacco Use
5650 Energy Conservation in the Schools
5660 School Food Service Program (Lunch and Breakfast)
5661 Wellness Plan
5670 Records Management
5671 Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records
5672 Information Security Breach and Notification
5673 Employee Personal Identifying Information
5680 Safety Program
5681 School Safety Plans
5682 Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Public School Facilities
5683 Fire Drills, Bomb Threats and Bus Emergency Drills
5684 Use of Surveillance Cameras in the School District
5690 Exposure Control Program
5691 Communicable Diseases
5692 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Related Illnesses
5710 Transportation Program
5720 Transportation of Students
5721 Transportation in Child Safety Zones
5730 School Bus Safety Program
5731 Idling School Buses on School Grounds
5740 Qualifications of Bus Drivers
5741 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers and Other Safety-Sensitive Employees
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