OHS Counseling Services

2016 OHS Graduation


Counseling Secretaries:
Sharon Vollmer
Dodie Moreau

School Counselors:
Barb Carroll
Last Name A- De

Lisa Roman
Last Name Df- Ken

Rachel Henderson
Last Name Keo- Ra

Shawn Caroccio
Last Name Rb- Z

P: 315-341-2221
F: 315-341-2928

As school counselors, it is our belief that OHS students have many exciting possibilities, given all of the academic and personal resources available to them. We encourage students to get involved in their school community, as research shows that students who are connected to their school environment perform better and are therefore more successful.
The OHS Counseling Office is made up of 4 counselors and 2 secretaries. Counselors are divided by alphabetical split and work with families rather than individual grade levels.



At Oswego High School, academic success is our goal for every student.  Our students are able to learn from knowledgeable and professional teachers, who are dedicated to helping our students excel and grow. 

Students have many opportunities to enrich themselves with a number of Advanced Placement (AP) and other college-level courses, as well as a wide variety of elective courses in art, music, technology, and home and careers.  Participation in volunteer service is also a common practice and is encouraged for a well-rounded high school experience.  

Students at OHS are encouraged to strive to the best of their ability to maximize future opportunities.  Life after high school is competitive, and regardless of the career paths our students choose, we know that students who take advantage of the many opportunities our schools have to offer, the more opportunities they will have after high school.

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