Junior Scholarships

Clarkson Leadership Award-$60,000

Clarkson Achievement Award-$48,000
(one male or female)

Criteria:  Have an academic interest in Engineering, Business, Science or Liberal Arts
Outstanding leadership qualities
Positive impact on their high school and local community
Achieve an academic class rank in the top 15%

 Elmira College: Key Award $80,000
(one male and one female)
Criteria:  Minimum GPA of 90 and ranked in the top 10% of the Junior class. Demonstrated outstanding school and community leadership.

Keuka College
: The George H Ball Community Achievement Award $40,000
(5 male or female)
Criteria:  Students who have made a significant impact on their community through volunteer service. Also for students who embody the values of Keuka College, including integrity, academic excellence, diversity, leadership, service, and social responsibility.

Le Moyne College Heights Award-$50,000
(one male or female)
Criteria: 90 overall GPA. Rank should be 10% of the class. Minimum of 50 on each of the PSAT's.

RIT Computing Medal & Scholarship-$28,000
(one male and one female)  and application fee waived
Criteria:  Ranked in the top 10% of the Junior class.  Academic distinction, demonstrated leadership in school and community activities and interest and ability in computing.  Minimum GPA of 90.    

RIT Innovation & Creativity Award-$28,000
(one male and one female)  and application fee waived
Criteria:  Ranked in the top 10% of the Junior class.  Academic distinction, demonstrated leadership in school and community activities, and demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurship.  Minimum GPA of 90.

The Rensselaer Medal (RPI)- $100,000
(one male or female)
Criteria:  Ranked in the top 10% of the Junior class.   Excel in advanced math & science courses. Interested in pursuing a career in science, engineering, and technology. Significant involvement in extracurricular activities.  Minimum GPA of 90.

The Student Sage Award at The Sage Colleges- Minimum of $40,000 depending on senior year GPA
(two male and/or female)
Criteria:  Outstanding academic and social leader.  B+ average or better in academic coursework only (Math, Science, History, English and Language)& rank in the top 25% of the class. Be involved in the community and are motivated to serve and inspire others to develop and grow.

University of Rochester Awards and Scholarships - $30,000 and application fee waived
(one male or female for each of the 4 scholarships)

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Criteria:   High achievement and rigor in science classes & high math scores on the PSAT and/or SAT

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award  

Criteria:   Demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues.  Leadership and a dedication to community action
Strong grades and rigorous courses taken in humanities and social sciences.

George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Criteria: Strong leadership experience, high grades and challenging courses, extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Criteria: Strong interest in innovation and/or information technology, exposure to new technologies outside of school, such as pursuing serious work opportunities in local laboratories or industry. Leading other students to new approaches to old problems; business plans for fundraising; innovative community service; after school activities; and best uses of communications tools such as chat and blogs.

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award  -$40,000
(one male or female)
Criteria:  Leadership ability, community involvement, and academic excellence.   GPA 90% or higher in the core academic areas or English, history, math, science and foreign language.

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