Series 1000 - By Laws

1110 School District and Board of Education Legal Status and Authority
1120 Board of Education: Qualifications, Numbers and Terms of Office
1210 Board of Education Members: Nomination and Election
1220 Reporting of Expenditures and Contributions
1230 Resignation and Dismissal
1310 Powers and Duties of the Board
1320 Nomination and Election of Board Officers and Duties of the President and Vice President
1330 Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education
1331 Duties of the District Clerk
1332 Duties of the School District Treasurer
1333 Duties of the Tax Collector
1334 Duties of the External (Independent) Auditor
1335 Appointment and Duties of the Claims Auditor
1336 Duties of the Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer and Faculty Advisor
1337 Duties of the School Attorney
1338 Duties of the School Physician/Nurse Practitioner
1339 Duties of the Internal Auditor