Series 3000 - Community Relations

3110 Media/Municipal Governments/Senior Citizens
3120 School District Standards and Guidelines for Web Page Publishing
3130 Relations With State University College at Oswego
3140 Flag Display
3150 School Volunteers
3160 Naming School Facilities
3210 Visitors to the School
3220 Use of Service Animals
3230 Public Complaints
3240 Student Participation
3250 Relations with Parents Organizations
3271 Solicitations of Charitable Donations
3272 Advertising in the Schools
3280 Use of School Facilities, Materials and Equipment
3281 Use of Facilities by the Boy Scouts of America and Patriotic Youth Groups
3290 Operation of Motor-Driven Vehicles on District Property
3310 Public Access to Records
3320 Confidentiality of Computerized Information
3410 Code of Conduct on School Property
3411 Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Upon School Grounds
3412 Threats of Violence in School
3413 Canine Searches
3420 Anti-Harassment in the School District
3430 Uniform Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting System (VADIR)
3510 Emergency School Closings