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Board of Education School Building Liaisons

This page provides some basic guidelines for Board of Education Members regarding the duties of a School Building Liaison. Each Board Member will be assigned one school building for which they will assume liaison responsibilities. 

The current liaisons for school buildings are:

Mr. David Crisafulli - FLS & MIN
Dr. Jim MacKenzie - OHS & KPS
Mrs. Julie Chetney - KPS & OMS
Ms. Kristin Norfleet- OHS & OMS
Mr. Sean Callen - MIN & FPS
Mr. Sean Ohnmacht - CER & FLS
Mr. Tom Ciappa- FPS & CER

A rationale for having building liaisons is that Board Members should have some visibility in each of the district's buildings. Having a presence will help foster better relations with the school community - be it teachers, administrators, parents or students. Having a presence provides a basis for building bridges across several of our key stakeholders groups in the district. Liaisons can act as a Board focal point that provides the stakeholders with a "go to" person when they have questions, comments, or concerns. Care must be taken that you follow the proper protocol when issues are brought to your attention. In general, concerns or issues raised by anyone must follow the chain of command for resolution. Once the person's concern(s) has been redirected to the proper authority, any follow-up by the Board Member should be directed through the Superintendent. Board Members  must not take personal ownership for the resolution of the problem. For more information about who the proper authority is please see the Protocol for Resolving Concerns document. Staff concerns should be redirected to their immediate supervisor. 

If successful, the Board Member will benefit by understanding the varied perspectives, concerns and interests of each stakeholder group. The community should benefit as well having had the opportunity to engage Board Members on matters concerning their children and how to enhance their future. 

Some suggested activities include: 
  • Introduce yourself to the Administration in your assigned building 
  • Attend Home and School Meetings 
  • Attend functions as practical in your building 
  • Recognize the efforts and hard work of all employees 

Some basic guidelines Board Members must follow include: 
  • Never show up without an invitation or without calling ahead (unless it is a public event). This is a basic courtesy. Being a Board Member, you are regarded as someone in authority. Sometimes this can be very unnerving to staff when appearing unannounced. Always check-in with the principal before showing up. 
  • Ask the principals to let you know if there was anything going on that they feel you should attend. 
  • Ask the principal to send you a monthly calendar so you know what is going on in your building. 
  • Provide periodic reports to the Board regarding your activities at the building and any special concerns that you might have. 
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